"My paintings help reflect you in your new environment. The mission is to gently bring forth a question about who we are "NOW", as individuals. It stems from knowing every choice seeds a series of reactions that alter current reality. It is my belief that a painted visual language can connect and demonstrate one's peaceful happy existence".
Arrachme is an internationally recognized fine contemporary abstract artist with paintings in museums worldwide. Her art is currently and consistently curated into exhibitions with humanitarian, environmental, and social impact themes. She is accomplished in the mastery of unlocking simplification sequences to create a visual balance between genres. She uses the world around her to influence choices. Arrachme has been exhibited in France, South Korea, Iran, Turkey, UK, USA, Portugal Belgium, India, Netherlands, Grimaldi Forum in Monaco,  Egypt, Art Basel USA. Magazines and publications include her such as Tatler, Southwest, Artist Network, Circle Arts Foundation, Artsy, Artnet