Graduate of Academy of Art “Leonardo da Vinci”, Rome.
Hinaekian is an internationally recognized, well established artist whose work consists of paintings, etchings and photographs. Her signed limited edition etchings are distributed worldwide by English, French and Italian editors.  
She is a multi-faceted artist and her worldwide travels have influenced her work especially the orange/red hues of the Sahara and the turquoise blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Her paintings have been described as Blue Reveries and Red Desertscapes. Her photographs are renditions of captured images in nature.
“Best in Painting” at La Jolla Art and Wine Festival.
Several solo exhibitions, international biennials and group shows in Europe and the United States. Numerous corporate and private collections worldwide. Gallery representations in the U.S. and Europe. Hinaekian has also done covers of books. 
Numerous Interviews and write ups in European and American newspapers.
Hinaekian was the only American artist (out of 1000 worldwide submissions) invited to participate in the Milan Universal Exhibition in 2016 and two of her paintings, one evoking the Oceans and the other, the Deserts, were projected on giant monitors throughout the Pavillon.