Born and raised in the German countryside, Petra learned to appreciate nature at an early age. She uses both photography and painting to express her deep connection to the natural world. 
Her artwork ranges from close-up photographs and paintings of flora and fauna to abstract interpretations of nature’s mystery.  “My abstract paintings are more intuitive, while my representational work is often based on my photography.”
 Living on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, she is surrounded by an abundance of natural beauty, wildlife and marshland. The rhythmic reflections of the water and the impact of the ever changing light conditions inspire her to capture and interpret her surroundings through her lens and onto her canvas. 
Petra’s latest passion is double exposure photography.  This technique allows her layer her photographs and to merge her paintings into her photography. By merging two images, Petra creates a mysterious new space that is reminiscent of a dream and open for interpretation. 
Petra earned a BFA from Salisbury University in 2007 Summa Cum Laude with a concentration in painting. Additionally, she has a BS from the University of Regensburg in Germany. 
“I love to create something that is unique to me and free from boundaries. The unexplained is far more intriguing, as it resides beyond the picture plane”