Ron Howlett is originally from Detroit Michigan and enjoyed creating Art from an early age. He attended the College for Creative Studies in Detroit. "My areas of study included Graphic Design and Fine Art. Upon graduation I received a BFA degree. While attending the school I met my future wife in one of my painting classes. She was a great companion and exceptional painter plus she was from California. We often went to the Detroit Institute of Arts. We shared a passion for many paintings in their collection - Matisse, The Window Interior with Forget-me-nots, Diego Rivera's murals, Pollock's Sea Change, Whistler's Nocturne in Black and Gold and Paul Jenkins' painting Phenomenon Yield Blue Milk. Both Pollock and Jenkins have had a strong influence on my work. Loved their brilliant colors, spontaneous paint application, and amazing energy.
We moved to California. Over time I left the corporate world and set up my own design studio and taught art at a local college which gave me more time to work on my painting."

2005 to 2015 - Joined an art group called SCA that had a yearly group show at the Guggenheim Gallery on the campus of Chapman College. Also SCA had a gallery in Pomona California.
2010 to Present - National Watercolor Society member. They allow all water based pigments such as acrylics. So I now show my Acrylic Abstractions in their shows.  
Technical note: I use 300# watercolor paper to paint on. It's thicker than canvas, has a bright white surface, performs well with my painting techniques and it lasts longer than canvas.