Alfonso Zetina was born in the wild and colorful Texmelucan, México in 1987. The years of his early childhood branded with curiosity his passion for drawing and painting; the artistic influence, instruction and encouragement of his family nurtured his journey through life in great measure. Knowing the world from a young age, he graduated in International Commerce at Tecnológico de Monterrey in México and studied alternative business degrees in the Baltic region. His traveling trajectory, however, extends beyond the professional path and makes it possible to demonstrate the intrinsic link between art and the constant wandering around the world. His life and travels through the distant Australian regions, the exotic territory of Singapore, the seductive Nordic snow lands, the formidable forests of North America and the cheerful charisma of the Southern beaches forged the passion that evolves his perspective.
At the age of twelve, he had already won first prizes in artistic competitions in local schools. However, during his adolescence and early youth, he experienced a breach of emotional absenteeism that suppressed the artistic flow in his life. At the age of twenty-five, he began to collaborate with the creative company Alteri (Puebla, México), in which he already demonstrated some of his most distinctive artistic features and his preference for the natural tones of blue and green. For three years, he was able to develop his technique of acrylic painting on ceramic crafts, but, it was not until the year 2017 when after one year of having established a small wholesale & retail business in Puebla (his home estate) that began to develop the technique of acrylic over canvas, which until now, characterizes him as the expeditionary painter who projects his passion for the mountains, the forest, wilderness in its purest context and the distant corners of the Earth.
At the age of thirty, after one of the biggest setbacks in his life, he decided to distance himself from his common life in that bustling colonial city of Puebla to embark on an enlightening journey to the Wenatchee National Park in Washington; in the pursuit and reconquest of his “first love”, which is defined as the "pure inspiration and the simplicity of amazement". Since childhood, the evolution of his drawing and painting has been shaped by climbing silver mountains, hiking long distances, or traveling to the distant corners of the globe; rebel without any cause other than his own, he resorted to artistic self-learning that has resulted in the sublime "azúl, a Journey to Nostalgia", "an Interesting Study of the EYE" and now the evolution of expression in which he prints and mixes his free spirit, the sweet taste of nostalgia, the exotic flavor of the unknown and his sublime love for WILDERNESS."