"I’m a self-taught artist living in Provence, South-East of France. 
Passionate about arts and most especially painting from my early twenties, I’m fully dedicated to painting since 2015. 
Mostly using oil for my paintings, I also move out of my comfort zone and use oil pastel, watercolor from time to time to let run my creativity. 
Sometimes creating “collage”, my work is spontaneous and intuitive. 
From figurative to semi-abstract in a contemporary style, I would describe myself has having an eclectic style.
Above all, I’m always looking for the alchemy of colors associated with texture.
I get my creativity from my everyday surroundings and the inspiring landscapes and light of Provence but also from nature, flowers and sea which are to me an endless source of inspiration.
When painting abstract urban landscape nothing is planned ahead of time. 
In addition, I participate to workshops with well-known painters to improve my techniques and discover new fields. 
You can find my work in exhibitions and ephemeral shops where I really enjoy showing my latest pieces, meet people and exchange with other artists. 
My works are in private collections in France but I’m willing to get more visibility and share my passion abroad. My purpose is to share emotions through my paintings and make each piece unique. Hope you will enjoy my work".