The modern world can be viewed as complex. With technology constantly advancing, and changing the way one lives their life or views the reality around them. Art has also developed with the times, by becoming an important part of one’s development as social beings. It creates this analytical lens, where it can be viewed as whatever the eye of the beholder may want to perceive or experience. Not all individuals realize that there is a place for art in their everyday lives.
"It is my preference to view art through nature. When I see a bridge covered in rust, I see innovation aging with beauty. When passing by a building with chipped paint, I am able to sense history or the story of those involved with that building. This is why I am attracted to the technique of building up multiple layers of acrylic paint on canvas.  Once the layers have been built-up I then drag, smear and scrape the paint to create texture and dimension. When blending multiple colors, it is motivating my feelings to be altered by the colors surrounding me. Which is I believe wither creating or viewing art, it is the mind’s eye".