As a previous investment banker working in New York, London, and Frankfurt, I decided a while ago to abandon the banking world to pick up again my former passion to become a professional photographer. Encouraged to do so by my school friend Andreas Gursky, one of the most famous photographers in the world, my work has already achieved a decent appreciation so far in various locations of the world. Over the last years, I already build up a strong franchise of clients and art collectors in Western Europe, the US, and Asia with multiple exhibitions in various locations.
As you will see my contemporary photographic art differentiates from the classic photography style, as it is characterized by myself-developed and perfected “CMPB-technique” which combines various individual post-production techniques to a unique art form in photography by partially manipulating the colors of the underlying item without alienating the object itself. Due to my acquaintances, my work is partially influenced by the so-called “Düsseldorf school of photography”, however, with my own idiosyncratic style with a focus on color and the object.
Most recently, my series “Infinity” was shown at an exhibition at a prestigious gallery in Düsseldorf from November until February with significant feedback and respectable sales. The theme is inspired by contemporary light and space artists taking the challenge to create a photographic artwork converting architectural and abstract objects by applying my CMPB-technique with the objective to create a new and unique presentation away from traditional photographic art. In line with the definition that Infinity is a point that is further away than any other point and can never be reached, all pictures are focused on endless or unlimited space, time, and distance partially showing a human being lost in the picture. These works intend to create a new form of dialogue within an unexpected photographic environment advancing the traditional photographic medium and further expanding it as an art form, a new vision of contemporary photography.