Maria hopes art serves to bridge existing language barriers and peel back the layers of what appears to become familiar with. Their encounter with art and life, life and art, might spark the light on the visual moment and raise new thoughts and future story. Born in Sofia, Bulgaria, Maria loves painting from her early teens' age. She trusts art's power to connect us, pushing us to know more about human nature, surroundings, and ourselves. She explores the vibrant texture of the image and painting and feels captivated by the interference of the myths, experiences, and beliefs in human life.

That within art, we are entering a moving intellectual and emotional path in our communication and understanding of the Other. Lately, her paintings were part of The Harley Open 2020' exhibition, Nottinghamshire, UK, No Instruction For Use, group exhibition at Palazzo della Cancelleria Vaticana, Italy on 3-7 October 2020, Greystone Industries Indoor Voices 5th-10th August 2019, Suffolk IP13 0R, UK. All can be Frida, 22.08-03.09 2018, group exhibition, Espacio Gallery, London UK. You could also see Maria Emilov art at