Rhonda C R Burton – Mixed Media Artist
Rhonda C.R. Burton, born in Indianapolis, Indiana grew up in Los Angeles, California.  She learned to paint at The Brentwood Art Center in Los Angeles and soon began teaching watercolor painting at the school.  Her work was shown and accepted into The National Watercolor Society, and Women Painters West just to name a few.  As a painter and teacher of watercolor her primary subject matter was mostly floral still life.  

After several years she put her art career on hold to work in the corporate world supporting her two young children as a single mother.   It took nearly 30 years for her to make her way back to creating art, this time through photography and mixed media.  Her imagery continues to revolve around the beauty of the garden, with the focus of color, repetition of pattern and texture taking center stage.  This is the subject matter where she finds comfort, as it reminds her of her grandfathers’ garden.  

Her photographic images are presented in several different ways.  Some of her images of the garden are printed on a cold press fine art paper and hand embellished with color pencil, often mounted with rice paper on painted wood panels.  Acrylic sheets placed over mounted pieces create a frame of the image.   She also creates hand embellished photographic images matted.