Q) What is Collective Art Gallery ?

Collective Art Gallery.com is an online exhibitions and art platform dedicated to bridging the gap between artists and art collectors from all over the globe.

The Mission

To present a well-curated and visually stimulating collection of art, that both satisfies and excites collectors of established and emerging artists alike.  

To provide a platform that recognizes and embraces a wide variety of artistry.

Collective Art Gallery strives to provide a seamless and satisfying experience between artists, galleries, and collectors by providing a unique team of curators & experts in marketing for proper representation of our artists.

Q) I am an art collector and I am interested in an artist's work, can I see more of the artist's work?

A) Absolutely, this can be done on our online platform under specifically curated art. For further information you can  simply call us at: (949) 949-683-4986 or email info@collectiveartgallery.com and we connect you with one of our curators that can help you with your request.

Q) What is the percentage commission Collective Art Gallery takes from each sold paintings through Collective Art Gallery?
A) Commission on all artwork sold through Collective Art Gallery is 70/30, our artists make 70% on each sale with us.
Q) Who pays for shipping to the collector?
A) The collectors pays for the shipping to their home or office.

Q) I am an artist and I want to apply to Collective Art Gallery. How do I do this?

A)  Please submit 3-5  Images of your work along with your bio and artist statement to: info@collectiveartgallery.com

Q) How long does it take to get an answer back after I have submitted my art work?

A) Pleas allow up to 5-7 Business Days.


Q) Does the artist reserve the right to their work (If they want it removed or would like to make Giclées from the original for additional sale.)

A) Yes. The artist retains 100% control over the image they create.

Q) If the artist is represented by Collective Art Gallery, are they exclusive to Collective Art Gallery?

A) We do not require exclusivity from our artists.

Q) What type of pictures can I send of my artwork to Collective Art Gallery?

A) Artwork images must be high resolution. It is in your best interest to supply more than one photo of the work, such as a side view, signature, rear of the painting, etc. The more images you have the more likely you are to sell your works. Collectors like to see more then one image of a painting from multiple perspectives because this gives a better idea of how the piece looks when it is on the wall.  




File Type: .jpg

Resolution: 72 ppi

Min Pixel Dimensions: 300 x 300

Max Pixel Dimensions: 900 x 900

Quality: 80 or less

Tip: Use ‘save for web’ option in Photoshop