Alessandra Sequeira
Born in Costa Rica, in 1969, Alessandra studied graphic design in the Universidad de Costa Rica, and Publicity designing in the Universidad Veritas Multidimensional artist, with over 20 solo exhibitions and over 120 collective art shows worldwide. Drawing is the scaffolding not only of image but also of consciousness. The line connects, traces routes, roads that meet or depart. Each ink stroke in this series, was outlined in a dream. After that during vigil, I translated this sense of interconnections, that pareidolia effects lead me to interpret as Mycelium or as super strings of quantum physics, but above all, they are an imaginal look at a landscape in which everything happens in images that interconnect beyond time and space. I choose to live and draw as part of a whole without judgment or prejudice. Drawing a line with the Universe disables the individuality of Ego, leading me to the landscape of Absoluteness. My drawings are an active, shared meditation.