American artist Burgandy Viscosi has called Seattle, Washington her home since when she moved there in 1998. Born in San Antonio, Texas in 1979, her Grandmother was the director of a Texas art and history Museum that became her favorite playground as a child. Although it wasn't until she was recovering from a critical car crash, at the age of 20, that she fell in love with the craft of painting. Art helped heal her and she became devoted to creation. 
She paints primarily with classic and open acrylics, as well as water soluble oils. Her painting express her visionary ideas on creation, collective earth consciousness and transcendence, all in relation to her current life realities. Her work intentionally focuses on the reminder that we live in a time that is awakening to the idea of a global community.
Burgandy spends a great deal of her time painting commissions, giving others the opportunity to see their thoughts, ideas and dreams expressed on the canvas for them to reflect on as a visual manifestation meditation. She keeps a small body of personal works that appear from time to time at festivals, visionary events and innovative gatherings. She has published three books; ‘The Last Book’, This is for You’ and ‘We are the Gold We Seek’. Currently she is developing her vocal skills to create more videos about her art, philosophy on life and ideas about the future of humanity.