Timothy Sens has been active and prolific as an artist for over 50 years.  His career began in the early seventies when he became interested and intrigued with gemstones and jewelry, specifically turquoise and silver.  His passion for the craft of silversmithing led him to being a designer of high end contemporary jewelry and to  owning and operating Timothy Sens Designer Jewelers, in Boulder, Colorado for most of the ninties. In 2003, he and his wife Elyse moved to Austin, Texas, where they currently reside.

Along with being a designer of contemporary jewelry, there has always been an interest for Timothy in photography. Over the years this alternate medium continued to be a source of inspiration and great satisfaction. Photography, created with a keen eye for color and the simplistic lines of minimalism, are what drove his artistic pursuits at this point in his career.

Over the years,Timothy’s images have been featured in a number of trade magazines and local publications. He was a major contributer to the book, Austin Visions, a photographic essay on what makes Austin unique. It was published in 2008. His limited edition fine art photography is represented by various art consultants. Installations of his work include VA Outpatient Clinic in San Antonio, Texas; Seton Hospital systems, Austin; Solis mamography womens clinic; St. David’s Hospital systems; University of Texas, Austin; Oasis Hospital systems, Phoenix, Arizona; Texas Mutual Insurance Company, Austin, and others.

In 2014, the artist chose to retire from the creation of jewelry and devote all of his artistic effort into photography which led to his current work in New Media Abstract Art. The art begins with portions of a photograph being manipulated in Photoshop using digital filters. The resulting artworks display a stunning and colorful abstract design that is further enhanced by presenting the finished digital print under acrylic glass. Timothys’ art can be viewed at timothysens.com and instagram.com/timothysens.