Cliff Kearns has been drawing, painting and making Art for as long as he can remember. After graduating from the H.B Beal Special Art Program, he landed a position in the publication dept. of London Life Insurance Co. and subsequently in the Art departments. of 3M Co. The London Free Press and as Art Director of CFPL-TV.

His transition to self expression and unique view on Art and Life came around 2004 after a successful and formidable career producing private/corporate art commissions, portraits and freelance projects for General Motors, International Harvester, Procter & Gamble, Purolator, 3M Co. & International Advertising Agencies. Notable commissions include the only official portrait of Terry Fox for the Marathon of Hope. Poster Art for the Commonwealth Games and a major outdoor ceramic mural for the City of Chatham. He taught three semesters of illustration at Fanshawe College in London Ontario.

Kearns has exhibited at Art Expo New York, Galleries in Park City Utah, Palm Springs, Palm Desert and North Hollywood CA in USA. Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and London ON in Canada. His work is in private, corporate and public collections.

When he isn’t painting the individual numeral from Zero to Nine as finished art works in their own right, Kearns incorporates sequential numbering into his other series of art works. Relatively obvious in the Celebrity Portrait Series and his first two hundred or so paintings and constructions, it is much more subtle, but still integrated into his latest dramatic Diamond Series. This becomes an interesting marker in tracking his evolution as an artist.

The Diamond can be likened to the Soul... buried deep within us, formed and moulded under the intense pressure of one's life. Kearns' captures the essence of the Diamond by detailing smaller abstract areas of colour and shape within the bigger picture of structure and reality. The character, complexity and beauty of the finished work become metaphors for the Soul of the Individual, the Relationship, Society, and even the Globe. Cliff and his wife Mary Margaret have recently relocated to Vancouver from London ON Canada