Born in New England (1963) and currently residing in Cincinnati, Ohio, Michael Matzko is a visual artist who creates works intersecting art with the perceived inner mind.  As the first segment of a larger project On Being Human, which asks the fundamental question “What does a healthy world look like?”, Matzko began working on a series during the Covid-19 lockdown, entitled The Self Isolation Project. The works depict the multitude of emotions captured throughout a collection of remote sessions. The images were created in camera using multiple layers to mirror the complexity of the world we are currently experiencing.  Inspired by his early career as a professional musician and in particular, the work of Keith Jarrett,  he began to expand his vision in an improvisatory dance with the subject to explore images which allude to current issues such as climate change, race identity and Love in 2020.  He is inspired by the work of Nadav Kander, Sarah Moon, Man Ray, Paolo Roversi, Matthew Jordan Smith and countless contemporary peers, and is fascinated by work which incorporates both historical and contemporary digital techniques greatly influencing the final mood and composition and affecting light to create something otherworldly.  Transformation and Time are two common constructs which repeatedly embody these improvisations.