Salvatore John Sgroi was born and raised in New York City, and is an Image Creator with a love for mood, atmosphere and authentic abstraction. Film and music have both been enormous inspirations for Salvatore since he was very young. Originally a musician, songwriter and performer while creating the posters, passes and album covers for his band in the 90s, Salvatore has found that film and music have had a profoundly inspirational impact on his aesthetic eye in photography. In 2010, with the birth of his daughter, Salvatore began his journey into photography trying to capture those precious moments of her, not yet realizing that he would soon start using the camera as a tool to create images that he always thought about achieving with other media. As Salvatore began photographing everything from bubbles to painting inside the toilet, he felt a freedom from all boundaries such as time, energy and space. Inspired by the history of Jazz, as well as the Abstract Expressionist movement in America, Salvatore has followed the connection he feels to their spontaneous, improvisational process of creating. His passion for this independent means of expression has led him to create a technique for experimentation and exploration through images that reflect the wonder and abstract nature connected to our individuality. His focus is on the moment, keeping objects, color and emotion in mind to examine the unknown within the abstract. Currently Salvatore is working in different types of media connected to photography and the manipulation of anesthetic techniques in images. He is bringing all of himself into the images, combining emotions with abstractions, communicating the pain and unknown uncertainty of life with the simple awareness of being, and marrying experiences with experimentation through exploration in digital imagery.