Time McClendon is an International sculptor and jewelry designer in Southern California. Born in Kansas City, Missouri, where he grew up, Time began exhibiting artistic abilities at the tender age of eight, to the delight of his parents. His father encouraged him to explore his creativity and pursue his passions.

Although Time has worked in various mediums of artistic expression, his main focus is using tarnish resistant wire, wrapping, weaving, molding and shaping it into sculptures and jewelry, accented with professional grade Swarovski crystals.

Time got his start lecturing and exhibiting his art in over 100 colleges and universities all over the United States. Today he has a gallery in Canoga park, California where he creates sculptures and high end jewelry that have been displayed in fine art shows and private showings around the country.

His pieces have found their homes with high-end collectors from Russia, Australia and Canada.

His clientele also includes well known A-list celebrities such as Tina Knowles, Vanessa Williams, C.C. Pounder, to name a few as well as Judges, Musicians, and other high profile clients. He has even created one-of-a-kind commissioned peices for luxury hotels like the Staypineapple hotel in Manhattan, New York and the Marriott hotel in Nashville, Tennessee.

With the trying times we're living in today, to keep art moving in an positive direction, Time wants to partner with other high end galleries and museums to showcase his work.

Thank you for taking the time to look at Time McClendon's work.

A quote from the artist..   "Art is the heartbeat of the world that we live in."