Tony Seker was born in Beirut, Lebanon and fled the country with his family during the Lebanese Civil War. His abstract style developed while in Europe during his refugee experience when he resorted to painting his toy model fighter planes with pieces of cardboard and plastic, instead of paintbrush. Seker also abandoned using the traditional camouflage colors for his old war planes and embraced bold, colorful paint as a statement opposing war at large. Unconventionally, he attributes his greatest influences to be comedic and cinematic performers of that era, such as Peter Sellers, Clint Eastwood, Bruce Lee and even Victor Borge.

Seker notes that while painting he channels their energy and embodies their movements, getting lost in these dynamic and expressive characters. Perhaps as a form of escapism, or simply a healthy emotional release, he loses himself in his “action” painting. The result is his self-taught technique involving bold movements and colorful paint. Seker has exhibited in numerous venues in the New York City area, including SOHO, Hoboken, Southampton, Bridgehampton, and Bushwick along with multiple locations in New Jersey. He has also exhibited in Utah, Santa Fe, NM, Las Vegas, Paris, France and currently has representation in Dubai. Seker has won numerous juried awards and he has been published in Contemporary Art Magazine, Artmosphere Magazine, Studio Visit Magazine among others. He lives near New York City and previously lived in Beirut, Paris and London.