Angela Viens is an artist based in Los Angeles, California. Using a variety of different mediums in innovative approaches including oil, acrylic, mixed media, sculpture, and video, Angela's work strives to heal and inspire. Angela has exhibited internationally at renowned galleries and art spaces from the Autocenter Gallery in Berlin, Germany to Select Fair in Miami, Florida along with multiple galleries in the Lower East Side and Brooklyn in New York City. Her most recent show was in West Hollywood and featured in Vogue.
Artists Statement: 
I am an artist who is a deep thinker, a dreamer, and a creator of striking visuals who fell in love with painting on mirror in 2013. After years of experimentation, my voice has solidified and my painting ability has improved. Yet my burning desire to be better and better at my craft is the same. Burning and yearning to heal and inspire the best I can with my paintings.  I love the art world, art history, where art is now, and seek to impact it as much as I am impacted by its nuances and culture.
If you were to ask who my biggest painting influences are, I would answer Georgia O’keefe, Salvador Dali, and Kehinde Wiley.  All masters of oil while combining realistic painting with an abstracted nature.  I seek to tell stories with my paintings. There is usually a character, or multiple characters, whether a woman, a skull, or a parrot.  Their juxtaposition with each other within the mirror creates a narrative up to the viewer for interpretation. I also add abstraction to the painting, with unexpected paint strokes or created an abstracted form that isn’t tangible in real life, but very real in this mirror world.  
The goal is always to portray a feeling. A strong definitive feeling.  I desire  to strike a similar feeling as would a powerful emotionally charged song. A pop song that really hits you, whether you are in love with the day and ready to see your loved one on a date, or a painful loss.  Even in between, something serene and calming yet fulfilling like meditation. As long as it stirs you in a concrete way, to inspire, or heal. I want to impact you. I literally invite the viewer in the painting.
My end game is to help someone through heartbreak know they are not alone,  to be okay that love is complex, to know that there is a divine higher power they connect to, to know peace is attainable.  My artworks are messages to humanity that they are okay – they can heal, and that love and joy are abundant.