Antti Ekström, is a young Swedish contemporary artist, works with different styles in the art. He works in styles from classical realist art to modern contemporary art since 2000. Antti Ekström is educated and trained in modern art, classical realist art and art history. Antti Ekström works mainly with painting but also mediums as drawing, digital art, ceramics, blacksmithing and more. The style of Antti’s art is eclectic and diverse, and the unique expression unites everything. He develops and is constantly seeking new ways all the time, instead of stopping to repeat himself. Antti Ekström’s art is represented in private art collections worldwide like France, Finland, China, Sweden and many more. Antti Ekström is exhibiting his art at major art galleries and art museums in Europe and Asia. Antti Ekström is a listed artist at, world leader in art market information. Antti Ekström currently resides in Uppsala, Sweden.