Carole K. Boyd, a self-taught digital fine art painter, was formerly a full time professional musician, songwriter, actress, tennis pro, pilot, and equestrian, and to this day still engages occasionally in live musical performances, in writing songs, and in teaching dressage lessons. She practices civil law in Bayview, Texas, her home where her horse, two dogs, three cats, water fowl and various other creatures also reside. Carole has exhibited in and been represented by galleries throughout Texas, AZ, and in NYC. Her work has been juried into fine art exhibits throughout the SW and sold to collectors nationally and abroad. Her paintings are on display in the Kerrville Municipal Building, the Bandera County Courthouse and the Frontier Times Museum, Bandera, Texas and the Municipal Building in Los Fresnos, Texas. In December 2020 she was awarded Artivist of the Year for making a significant impact as a visionary and pillar of sustainable development dedicated to bringing environmental conservation awareness, by ArtTour International. Carole is a pioneer in the field of digital fine art painting, using only a computer, the Microsoft Paint program, and a mouse. Her entire work of a digital fine art painting is painted entirely by hand, starting with a blank screen. She feels that painting digitally is a wonderful means of expression. It requires focus, skill and patience, but the rewards are fresh and brilliant paintings well suited to the realism, impressionistic landscapes, wildlife and portraits that she is fond of painting. Her predominant style is to paint the subject that she wants the viewer to focus on more realistically, and the rest rather impressionistically. In this manner, the viewer can fill in details in their own mind, but concentrate on what Carole feels is the most important part of the painting. She only creates one original piece on canvas which is signed and numbered 1/1 so that the collector may be assured of exclusivity.