Dieter Hanf, born in Cologne in 1959, learned the basics of picture composition as a child from his father, a talented sculptor and painter. Wolfgang Göddertz, an award-winning artist, taught him advanced techniques of colour theory and picture composition. Hanf discovered photography as his medium. He experimented with all analogue formats and developing techniques. Today, he transforms the experiences he has made into his digital works of art. Even though his artworks are based on photographs, this is often no longer recognisable. Often his photos look like paintings. 
With his artworks, the studied philosopher reflects on life in society, social relationships and loves to play with the boundaries of genre and techniques. Figurative representations often flow into complex, abstract form games. The very colourful compositions with often unusual colour combinations are striking.
Dieter Hanf exhibits his works worldwide. He is presented by galleries in London, Berlin, New York and Beijing, among others.