Born in February between snowstorms, Drew decided early on that he would rather stay indoors and make art. His love of books quickly turned into an intense desire to write. Taking early inspiration from comics, and their blend of intense colors to amp up the emotional content of the story he quickly transitioned to short fiction and began working in the visual arts as well.  Inspired by a wide range of influences including Toni Morrison, Raymond Carver, and Haruki Murakami, he developed his first novellas while obtaining a BFA in Creative Writing. 
It was during his time at university that he began furiously experimenting with visual arts and painting using wax to create unique textures by modifying the traditional method of encaustics. When he set his first painting on fire with a blowtorch and lighter fluid, his visual voice was found and began to expand exponentially. His unique work continues to build on the relationships of texture and light to communicate with the viewer. Drew Griffith’s work has been shown in New York, Rhode Island, and New Jersey and is in private collections across the country.