Elizabeth “Liz” Gutierrez is a self taught and naturally talented Chicana (Mexican - American) Artist , based in Los Angeles, California. Her nature inspired & creative artworks transmit the beauty and awe inspiring of the natural world creations. In this busy, accelerated and obscure world we currently live in, she captures the simple, detailed and intricate beauty that surrounds us and is often ignored or taken for granted.

From a simple yet beautiful flower, a tiny yet powerful Hummingbird, a kind but majestic Elephant, to a stunningly colorful Sunset, her paintings remind us of how much beauty, love and wisdom there is around us. Each colorful painting has a special inspiration and sentiment: “In each painting , I hope to transmit some peace, some love & beauty, I also hope to inspire you and to make you smile.... !” ~Liz.

Elizabeth’s acrylic & oil paintings , and hand crafted artwork has been displayed and sold in multiple art walks throughout Los Angeles, as well as in some Art Shows in Los Angeles Art District like the Chocolate & Art Show, and the Pancakes & Booze Art Show. She keeps her personal ‘gallery’ in the coziness of her humble apartment yet shares it with her close friends, friends of friends, and supportive family.

You can view and purchase her original paintings on her website at: www.pollitoarts.xyzand /or you may contact her directly thru the website, by email: pollitoarts@yahoo.comor by following her Instagram page: www.instagram.com/@pollito.arts.