California-native and autodidact artist, Julia Di Cambio, is recognized for her holistic approach in which she blends her knowledge of the healing capacities of colour with her spiritual vocation to create harmonic and poetic pieces. 
As an Abstract-Expressionist painter, Di Cambio’s work comes from a place of intuition and impulse demonstrating the balance that results from extreme polarity. Her paintings portray fluidity and motion exploring the presence of life in all things.  
Di Cambio looks to the works of artists from the early Renaissance to her modern day contemporaries for inspiration. Her individuality as an artist is likened through her efforts of combining Matisse’s elegant and lyrical use of colour with Picasso’s diverse and eccentric depiction of shape and basquiat’s raw and unrepressed line expression. She is heavily influenced by Kandisky in her efforts to evoke one’s soul through her art and uses music in her creative process as a tool to direct her unique style and technique.