Julián Lorenzo, Born in Plasencia (Extremadura, Spain). Currently living in Barcelona, Julian is known for its multidisciplinary character:  he is a painter, illustrator, graphic designer, skater and musician. He studied art and illustration at Massana Art Academy (Barcelona) His different universes are intertwined in his works: his paintings are graphic and organic, simple and complex, obvious and enigmatic with varying degrees of reading.Great lover of nature and univese, Represents this in all its forms: plant, animal, human, to remind us that we are one of the elements of this whole.In this moment of multifactorial crises (ecological, social, economic, spiritual), we have to question the defective structure of our society and the place of human beings in this transition.The artist seeks balance, the only way to live in harmony, discover ourselves and connect with who we are deeply. Accept our mistakes to rebuild a peaceful coexistence with our environment. His first solo exhibition was in 2008 at Maxó art gallery in Barcelona. Later, he has held group exhibitions with the IMMERSION movement (20015-Bordeaux, 2017- Biarritz and 2019 Bordeaux), of which he is one of the founders. Art and sustainability are integrated in this collective. Collaborating with Ongs to spread a message of human coexistence with the environment.