Lawrence Costales -  USMCR (Ret), Photographer/Artist, Actor, Director/ Producer Lake Elsinore, CA resedent origanally from Las Cruces, New Mexico. Besides learning from the photography masters, I learned the fine art of photography by studying classic and abstract painters.

 I see myself as an artist first and a photographer second because I paint with light to capture not just the form of an object but to also introduce a mood or emotional tie to the art piece. Because of this artistic goal my subjects are varied but hopefully have that emotional element in common. My last travel photographs are from my tour of duty in Kuwait in support of the US Army at Camp Doha and Camp Arifjan. during my one year there, 2003/4, I was also able to travel to Italy and Dubai, UAE.

Some of my earlier works have been displayed at the ARCO Towers in Los Angeles, US Embassy in Bogota, Colombia; Galleria Nina Moreno, Tijuana, B.C., The Temecula Art Gallery(TAG), El Encanto, Monterey Park, 2003 and various small shows throughout Southern California. My last big show in Pasadena 2017 had 27 images displayed at The Rosebud Cafe.  Eight of my abstract images were featured at the Rokoko Gallery In Las Cruces, New Mexico. Few of my Southwest works are currently hanging at the Dragonfly Studio, Silver City, New Mexico.