Norbert Waysberg is a water color contemporary artist based in New-York. 
As a newcomer from Paris, New York deeply touched my soul. 
The  constant buzz, my heart beats with the pure and intense energy of the  city; Speed, people running on the street to go to work, home, shop.   The extreme cold and hot weather, bright light, the smell of the ocean  and river close by, wind blowing on Fifth Avenue, the bridges. 
A friend told me that bridges are a link, on the contrary to walls, that create separation. I like this idea. 
They are the internal connection between old and new, past and future, known  and unknown. The symbol of our desire to discover new lands (in  ourselves ) and the frightening experience to do it with no way back but  with hope.
Massive amounts of metal, beams, noise, colors, cars, lights are passing by when walking on the Queensborough Bridge.
Beauty and hope are found there too as a transition to new possibilities.
I intend for my work to express this energy and the new space where everything is possible.